DIY Pool Chiller

Hot as Bathwater

When we first got our pool years ago I was considering installing a heater so we could enjoy swimming a bit longer. What no one told me was that here in Texas you really should consider a pool chiller. Come July and August the pool temperature rises into the 90s. It can get so hot it’s not refreshing at all.

This weekend my pool registered 95 degrees and we’re just getting into July. I decided to do something about it.

The Fix

The plan was to use the water jets in the pool to drive a fountain sprayer made from PVC pipe to cool the water.

The jets have a moveable nozzle to direct the flow of water.

After removing the nozzle I was able to measure the opening.

Unfortunately, the opening was way too large for the ¾ inch PVC pipe so I needed an adapter. A few minutes in Fusion 360 and I was able to sketch out a part for the job.

The adapter had an opening for the PVC pipe and a flare at the base to keep it from slipping out of the pool jet. If you’re interested, you can download the stl file here.

Over to Cura to slice it up then over to my 3d printer to make it real. A half hour later the part was ready.

It was a surprisingly perfect fit for the jet cap

The PVC pipe was a snug fit just enough to not need glue but still loose enough to remove when not needed

Next, cut a length of pipe, cap it off and drill some holes.

Some Assembly Required

Install it and start the cooling.