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About a blog

About this blog

This blog will someday be something awesome. For now it’s more of a playground for me to work with hugo and github pages.

Why Hugo? Good Question. All the cool kids are out there publishing static sites free using github pages. You can use Github’s fancy site generator if you’d like. More advanced users are using this thing called Jekyll which I must say is pretty cool. I got into github pages and used all of them. I was using jekyll for quite awhile and became pretty good at it. I really liked the templating options and the basic data functions. I started trying to do more though and jekyll was really opinionated toward blogging. Then I stumbled on Hugo. It provides the same options as jekyll but doesn’t constrain you to only the blogging pattern. The data structure option in hugo allow you to really trick out your site and do amazing things all with just a static site builder. Unfortunately hugo isn’t natively supported by Github so i can’t just git push my changes and have Github render them. Instead i need to do a small build process first. I’ve decided though that this is a good practice even with jekyll. These static builders offer plugins and options the github doesn’t support. With a simple build process you can really tap into the power of the tooling. I’m using wercker for my build tooling. But more on that later.

Why work so hard? It’s been a long while since I worked on UI stuff and I needed to dust off long forgotten css and graphics skills. I could have easily found a pre-made theme, or posted to some canned site like wordpress but where’s the fun in that. Also I have some thoughts on content I may want to publish that doesn’t conform to a simple blog format, but in the end it’s just static content.

Where’s the content? I’m working on it. Yeah the ultimate goal is to have some content posted but I’m really using thins more as a learning tool. Don’t fret, actual content posting will commence again soon so please do stop back.

In the mean time I hope you have an Awesome day.

Cheers -Christopher