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Getting Started With Bigtable on GCP

Bigtable is a fully managed NoSQL database on Google Cloud. It’s designed for low latency data access, where scalability and reliability really matter. And it’s actually the same technology behind the majority of Google products, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube; Each of which serves multi-billion users.

DIY Pool Chiller

Hot as Bathwater When we first got our pool years ago I was considering installing a heater so we could enjoy swimming a bit longer. What no one told me was that here in Texas you really should consider a pool chiller.

Simple Container Deploys on Google Cloud Platform

Google has been working with containers internally since 2003. In 2006 they introduced cgroups to the linux kernel. Kubernetes and GKE are introduced to the world in 2014. Today Google deploys 4 billion containers every week.

Managing Clusters with Cluster Registry

The Cluster Registry is part of the kubernetes foundation but is not included in the distribution by default. It’s added through a simple kubectl apply command. The cluster registry provides a simple yet powerful feature in that it enables a new resource type of Cluster to be added to your api calls.

Multicluster Istio on GKE

In this example we’ll create a single Istio mesh across multiple regionally separated GKE clusters. Once setup, we’ll demonstrate the installation using Istio’s BookInfo application. While you can accomplish this on your laptop, I’ll be demonstrating through Google Cloud Shell, which already includes many of the tools we’ll be using, as well as a standard environment we can all work from.